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Drummer Talk 238 – An Inside Look at Promark, Evans, and Puresound

On today’s show Dave chats with D’addario’s Elijah Navarro about what’s new with Promark, Evans, and Puresound.

We take a few listener questions, and in the news, we preview December’s Play-Along track (including a listener submission), we chat about the players leaving Megadeth, and we find out what Peter Erskine thinks about ‘Whiplash.’


  • From Frank
    Hey guys. Love your show and I recently heard your podcast about essential drumming apps. I thought I would share one of my favorite drumming apps that did not fall into the categories Dave and Troy went over. The app is a drum rudiment app by Vic firth, it has taking my practice and performance to new heights and I wish I would have had this years ago.Thanks and keep up the good work, oh and I would love to hear you guys chat up about metric modulation!
  • From Craig
    I must say thank you for the play alongs! I just started playing drums again after many years of not picking up sticks. I recently built a drum room with recording abilities in my basement and this is a great way for me to get back into playing.  I did a recording of the first play along. Its not the greatest and I kept it simple. Thanks again and keep up the awesome podcast! https://soundcloud.com/inten_z/play-along-1


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Music from this week’s show:

In closing…

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Next week: Carl Allen Interview

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