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Drummer Talk 239 – An Interview with Carl Allen

We sit down and chat with Carl Allen on today’s episode.

Also, Dave shares his favorite Christmas playlists, we discuss Phil Rudd’s latest altercation, we hear from Elijah at Promark, we answer a listener question on a hybrid rudiment

  • Dave’s Blue Bossa
  • Dave’s Christmas Playlists
  • Update from Elijah at Pro-Mark
    After reflecting on our conversation I realized that I left out a major talking point around your question “why should drummers care about snare wire?”The technical elements offer many benefits to sound through materials used ultimately helping to craft the drummer “voice” using tonal variation.  This important for drummers personal playing experience.There lies a much bigger advantage for today’s drummer to be well versed with anything that offers a tonal option on something that otherwise is pretty standard sounding.In a market that has become dominated by e-drums and the electronic element in general, we as drummers are now not only competing for gigs in a slim-pickings market but we are also competing against the thousands of sampled sounds that can be triggered at any moment.  In keeping with a diversify or die mentality having acoustic options that offer a variety of natural sounds will trump the sound of any recorded sample most of the time.Drummers who can come to the table with something fresh in sound and feel usually get the gig. Having the right snare wire can ultimately help drummers achieve this edge by crafting a unique tonality, ultimately defining the voice of the drummer.Interested in hearing your thoughts.

Drummer Talk Mailbag

  • From Ira
    Hi Dave, Hope you enjoyed your trip to PASIC. I’m a bit behind in my podcast listening (not commuting for an hour each way any longer) and wondered about the “Faster Hands” podcast: Please ask Troy to write out a double flam paradiddle-diddle (?) Where is the second flam? Also, you mentioned Master Studies. Is that the Joe Morello book?Double Flam Para Diddle-Diddle


Topic Notes

Music from this week’s Show:

In closing…

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Next week: Gorden Campbell Interview

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