Drummer Talk

Miles Teller did nearly all of his own drumming in ‘Whiplash’

Pulling off musicians on film has always been tough because many actors don’t have the chops to make it look convincing.

As it turns out, in the latest movie, Whiplash, actor, Miles Teller did “99% of his drumming,” according to Tom Cross, the film’s lead editor.

“Most of the time, Miles was very close to matching sync [with the music track]. On occasion, we had to help him a little with some editing manipulation. For instance, there’s a portion of the final performance during which there’s an extreme close-up of the drums where the sync was close but not perfect. We couldn’t alter the soundtrack and couldn’t slow or speed up the music; that would have been immediately obvious. I needed to line the pictures up, manually, for every drum hit. The most precise way was with jump cuts and taking out frames. And that had to be imperceptible.”

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