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Drummer Talk 241 – So much news over the holiday break!

Season 10 launches with a super-sized show with Dave and Troy discussing some of the most important drum news that came out over the holiday break including DW’s huge acquisition of percussion brands.

Show Notes

  • Welcome to Season 10!
  • Thanks for all the well wishes and sympathies
  • Drummer Talk Play-Along 4 – Car Chase (120 BPM)
    • From Eldrid:
      Hi, I’ve been a long time fan and listener of the podcast. Thanks for helping people like me, who are passionate and love drumming, but for some reason are unable to get lessons or find the right mentors to study under, find our way to becoming better drummers and musicians. Here’s the link to my play-along of the car chase track you guys so kindly put out. I know I should have polished up my playing before recording this but I was hit with inspiration and just HAD to play. This was my 4th time playing along with the track, so please excuse my sloppy strokes and “ahem” tempo fluctuations… Thanks for the podcasts, reviews, play-alongs, etc. Please continue to do what you do. Let me know what you think of my playing. Cheers! -Eldrid

Drummer Talk Mailbag

  • From Pacemaker:
    Love the show. I would like your take on some of the Drumtuning apps that are coming out for mobile devices. I have been using the Drumtune app for a bit with mixed results. Tunebot is another app using the same method for tuning. Thoughts? Thanks!
  • From Lynn:
    I play at my church. We use a monitor system that I can control through my phone or tablet. How can I get a click track in my ears? Do you use click at church? Not sure it would make things easier or harder. Just looking into the possibility of it. Thanks for the show and all the hard work you guys do.


Music from this week’s Show:

In closing…

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