Drummer Talk 244 – New and Notable from NAMM 2015

Dave and Troy cover the newest and most notable gear from NAMM 2015!


  • #SwagsDay
    • From @TravisMarc (winner)
      I actually got my drumsticks caught in a scarf once and almost choked myself out until the keys player helped me out. Pretty embarrassing because I had my top off + a scarf on cause I was trying 2b RocknRoll. Wouldn’t happen with that scarf
    • From @LanglaisStephen
      Well, my very first gig, the local music store invited my friend and me to play in a recital. I went up on stage chewing gum, which I know now is a bad idea. Of course, drummers have no control of their mouth while playing. We started playing, and eventually I somehow blew a bubble in the middle if playing. It popped, and I had gum residue on my face the rest of the song
    • From @ScottVeritas
      Got drunk before, forgot songs halfway through, would start playing other songs. Booed offstage. I was only 19.
    • @THEKennyHensley
      I sing and play…covering ‘Dream On’ at an outdoor festival (100 degrees, metal roof) I passed out doing “The Scream,” and fell off the throne, riser, and stage…out for about 30 seconds or so got up, dusted myself off, finished the song, and the set! Nothing hurt but my pride. #GravityCheck
  • Drummer Talk Play-Along 5 – Drum N Bass (170 BPM)


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