Drummer Talk 246 – 7 Non-Technical Books for Drummers

We examine some of the most interesting non-technical books for Drummers on today’s episode.

#SwagsDay Recap: When is the moment you knew you wanted to be a drummer?

  • Winner: @StirFryFolk – For me, it was when i was small and someone gave me a pair of drumsticks which seemed huge to me at the time
  • @AndrewStellar – When my band director told me I’d be playing saxophone. Went to his office next day & told him drums or see ya!
  • @SamRasera – 1969 I was 7 years old and walked into a banquet hall for my Cub Scout dinner party. A live band was playing.
  • @trfharrison – Hearing @gladbash‘s Shabazz on a winter’s eve by the fireplace on an old Yamaha turntable. Changed my life.
  • @ChrisRandallC  – I was 4 & saw LaBamba. My bro claimed Ritchie V & told me I was Bob. 25 yrs ltr and still in a band together!
  • @asthestorygrows – used to play on the dashboard with my dad’s construction pencils, broke all the lead,he said I should play drums
  • @GilCordle  – Sitting on the bottom stair of a neighbor’s house as his Dad’s jazz band rehearses. #UnforgettableMoment.

Drummer Talk Mailbag

  • From Braydn

    Dear Dave, (and Troy) First and foremost I just want to thank you both for everything you guys put into making Drummer Talk! As of late I just have no idea what to practice and it’s frustrating me. I am unavailable to find any instructors in my town and I feel myself slipping into a rut. I’m not making the most of my practice time simply because I have no idea what to practice. I was thinking about looking online for a book to work through and was curious if you had any recommendations? I’m not so much concerned about what material it covers as much as I just want to learn something new. Thanks for reading!

  • @LoveBeingLoud: Jasper was the former supplier of Gretsch shells.


Topic Notes

From Aaron:

Love the show and all of the great information about new products and resources. I’m more of a hand percussionist but you always include enough diverse topics to keep things interesting for a “non-drummer”. Just wondering if you guys have any favorite non-technical drum books? I’ve seen the the MD list of 25 Timeless Drum Books, but I’m more looking for drummer bios, history/philosophy of drumming, etc. Thanks so much!!!

Music from this week’s Show:

In closing…

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