Drummer Talk 247 – Life as a Drummer in the US Army

Staff Sergeant Jackie Jones joins us today and we discuss what life is like as a drummer in the US Army.

#SwagsDay Recap: If I weren’t a drummer I’d be _________________.

  • Winner: @SpectiklTestikl – If I weren’t a drummer I’d be lifeless piece of poo
  • @sheep_go_rawr – If I weren’t a drummer, i’d Most likely be not following Drummer Talk.
  • @tnimark  – If I weren’t a drummer, I’d most likely be dumber.
  • @Groovru – If I weren’t a drummer, I’d most likely be in jail for hitting people instead of a drum set
  • @Astro_Tanned  – bored…
  • @StevePastor38 –  trying to be a drummer.
  • @Crioniii  – A maple tree, so i could end up being a drum kit or many drumsticks!

Drummer Talk Mailbag

  • From Cvitan:

    Hey Dave and Troy, Just a quick message. I absolutely love the podcast, you tell it like it is, and you guys are very very informative. Keep up the great work. Troy mentioned about wanting to write a biography on Tony Williams. A great Australian drummer Dave Goodman has written a thesis on the drumming style of Tony Williams and at the beginning he writes about his musical journey. Here’s a link to Dave’s website and his Thesis. Enjoy reading it.

  • From Andrew:

    Quite sometime back, you recorded a show that started off with Mr. Roboto. You went on and on and on about it and I posted a note that said you were kinda freaking me out a little. Anyway, I just saw Styx at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville TN. and they were awesome. I really was a John Panozza fan growing up but Todd Sucherman is a rock pig on pizza. He played about half the time traditional and half the time matched. He played traditional as hard as he played matched. He played a very cool one handed 32nd note tom fill that if you weren’t watching you would have never known it was not two hands. Unfortunately, they did not play Mr. Roboto. I once played in a band named Jonathan Chance, which someone told me that that was the name of the guy that turned into Mr. Roboto. It was one of those “keyboard” bands where the keyboard player had to pick the repertoire so we visited Styx quit often. Holla 

Drummer of the Month – Questlove

  • Intro – Real name vs “Questlove”, endorsements, etc.
  • Beginnings – musical upbringing, education, etc.
  • The Roots – Music
  • Other musical/film appearances
  • Late Night/Tonight Show duties/collaborations

Topic Notes

Music from this week’s Show:

In closing…

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Next week: Endorsements 101

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