Drummer Talk

Transcription – “No Cars Go” by Arcade Fire

Canadian indie rockers, Arcade Fire, know a thing or two about lush arrangements, and the 2007 “No Cars Go” features some of the band’s coolest textures (is that an accordion?!).


Performance Notes

Released on the record, Neon Bibles, “No Cars Go” takes obvious nods from David Byrne’s Talking Heads days. This song has a very fun and interesting drum part from drummer Jeremy Gara that opens with a steady kick pulse interspersed with 16th-note snare bursts.


This song is all about forward energy so be sure to keep things moving and keep the intensity on the front edge.

There’s a large breakdown at the beginning of the bridge, so don’t space out! Keep counting those bars or else you could miss your entrance.


Still with us? Good, because it gets really fun from the solos to the end! Look at all the amazing, high-octane  snare work you get to bang out! It’s not every day that drummers get a chance to explore so much with the snare drum.


Difficulty level: 4/10




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