Andrew Witmer

Spotlight on Turkish Cymbals Featured in “Whiplash”

The release of the movie “Whiplash” has gotten the general public talking about drums, but what about the cymbals featured in the film?

Istanbul-based media Daily Sabah discussed the two cymbal brands featured in the recent music-themed film –¬†Istanbul Agop and Bosphorus Cymbals. Many can name 2 or 3 of the biggest names in cymbals, but this article (along with their appearance in “Whiplash”) are giving these slightly lesser-known brands the exposure to the general public they deserve.

“Cymbals are the most intimate part of drums. It is the reason why I can play on different drum sets, but it is impossible to play with different cymbals. For every concert, I need my 17 kilograms of holy metal.”

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