Drummer Talk 248 – Endorsements 101

Professor Troy schools us on the ins and outs of endorsement deals.

#SwagsDay Recap: I lost a gig one time because ___________________.

  • @cgeorge303 –  I asked about the pay. (winner of ProMark Select Balance Sticks!)
  • @MonkeyTown62 –  I lost a gig one time because fell thru a split stage during soundcheck and broke my wrist!!
  • @crobertbaldwin – I lost a gig one time because @davekropf was available instead. #HEYOH #SwagsDay
  • @TempusDrums  –  ‘Cos my time was too good; I didn’t gradually speed up in every song and this made the bass-owner uncomfortable.

Drummer Talk Mailbag

  • From Mark:

    Hi Guys! Just a note to let you know how much i enjoy your podcast. Having just listened to #245 “Non-Technical Books for Drummers” and hearing Troy recommend Efrain Toro’s book “2/3 or Not 2/3”, i was intrigued to study Efrain’s concepts. I have played drums for well over 30 years and consider myself the eternal student. I have seen Efrain on Drum Channel as well as Youtube and other sources (boy, this internet would have been great growing up!). I would like to ask Troy which book of Efrain’s i should start out with? Thanks! Mark


  • From @ttreit:

    Just for the record if you want your money back when Foreigner doesn’t play Eye of the Tiger you bought tix to the wrong band


Topic Notes

Why an Endorsement Deal?

  • Consistency in gear as you travel, Access to a networks that can help you get what you need quickly especially in countries that don’t have brands you like or know about. ( you still have to pay for it depending on your level of endorsement )

Why Not an Endorsement Deal?

  • If 30% or more of your income is from Endorser related situations you’re in a bad position
  • If you are looking for a full time job being as an endorser look elsewear. The tides are changing and the water level is lowering significantly.
  • Why Money is back on the table and what does that mean – Money never left but it came in a form of guarantee of clinics or product development employment days. Many artists are looking for a payday. you better have a skill and it can’t just be your opinion

What Value Do You Bring To The Table Really?

  • Before you ask for value you must be able to bring value to the table and prove it.
  • Its all about the numbers and audience engagement. You better have a brand
  • It’s not just blind visibility today it’s by the numbers – Prequalified Twitter, Youtube and mailing lists ( Facebook is for you and your fans ) – What is your klout score and what metrics do you use to sell your brand
  • What is your proof that you have great influence over a group of people.
    • When you put out a call to action what is the quantifiable response. Older artists have a different audience than younger artists. Young fans = Digital response    older fans = analog response
  • That value must be comparable to at least 8 to 10 times what they spend on you and they want proof and you have to be able to prove it.
  • No company can hand you a career you must do it yourself.  They can only enhance your career by giving you something to talk about and consistency. There is still a cost for touring gear and cartage someone has to pay for it.

Contracts – Get it in writing and if they refuse, just walk away ( The nobel prize is the tombstone on all great works!

  • So often I hear the contract is the starting point- No the contract is the coffin on the on your deal. when things go bad or wrong the contract is what everyone including the courts will point to as the mediation point.
  • How you partner during the agreement process sets the tone for your entire relationship
  • What seems reasonable to the artist is absurd to the business
  • Gear and how much you can ask for  or what kind of discounts you can receive

Music from this week’s Show:

In closing…

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Next week: Endorsements 201

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