Drummer Talk 250 – Your Sound Is Not Your Gear

We speak truth today as Dave and Troy discuss how your sound is not derived form the gear you play.

Drummer Talk Mailbag

  • From Mike:

    Hi guys. I’ve recently discovered your podcast and love it ! You are providing a great service to drummers and the drumming community. I especially liked the two part episodes of contracts and how to navigate through them. As a custom drum builder I want take care of my drummers as best I can. I found those podcast got me thinking of things I hadn’t thought of, thanks! Keep doin what you’re doin! Thank you Mike (brooksdrumco.com)

  • From Martinez:

    Hey Dave and Troy! Martinez here again. Last week’s episode you mentioned that you were practicing for you gig and you showed off a 7/8 tempo part you needed to learn. I just wanted to share my own experience when I started to learn odd-time-signature tempos and the difficulty that I had to overcome. To me counting odd time rhythms was never difficult but when all the other instruments kicked in I just couldn’t focus on the beat. It was really difficult for me to start playing songs that had 7/8s and 5/8s etc. So what I did is that I compiled a list of famous music that plays 7/8s and I started to play to those songs. That helped me immensely and it made playing these weird rhythms a lot more fun. Today I can easily play these songs and playing 7/8 today is something I can do without breaking a sweat. So here is my recommended songs that have 7/8 to play to that might serve you or anyone else that is struggling to play odd time signature beats. They are easy to learn and not that hard to master. My personal favourites: Pain Of Salvation – Trace Of Blood, Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill, Soundgarden – Spoonman, Dream Theater – A Change Of Seasons. Thanks for a great show and keep on drumming! You Swedish friend // Martinez

  • From Brandon:

    Hey guys, I really love listening to your show. In the episode on endorsements you guys mentioned “generating income”. As full time employment (especially in percussion) seems to be a rare occurrence, what are some thoughts you have on ways to generate said income as a freelance musician? Do you believe this is a viable career that a person can sustain himself on given the lack of benefits/salary etc? Maybe a show on the life of a freelancer? Thanks guys, Brandon


Topic Notes

  • Your sound is not your gear
    • Taking a set of cymbals and making them work in a multitude of situations 2 Rides 3 Crashes and 1 hihat
    • Taking an 18in bass drum to a rock gig and making it work
    • How using gear not built for the situation refines your technique and opens the mind to new approached not considered before
    • Forcing you to not “buy” your way out of a situation
    • Understanding the phases and gates of technique “when you’re a hammer everything looks like nails – learning to see a hammer as more than just a bashing tool ie pry bar”

Music from this week’s Show:

In closing…

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Next week:

  • Tips for Effectively Playing Electronic Drums
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