Drummer Talk 257 – Hands-On Drum Programming

We continue our examination of drum programming with a demonstration on how to craft convincing drum patterns in a DAW. Be sure to watch the supplemental video!

Opening Detritus

Drummer Talk Mailbag

From Max,
Hey! I just subscribed to your podcast but I was wondering if there’s any easy way to download and access older podcasts!

From Dov,
Great episode on drum programming! I’d like to share a few comments from my experience. I was in film school from 2004 to 2008, and used Pro Tools for all of my sound design and Foley/ADR work. I can attest that they have always been behind major OS releases, since long before Avid bought them. It is definitely annoying, but that one specific thing is not Avid’s fault. You would hope that they cared enough to test and certify against the betas and release an update to coincide with the public release. Betas have always been available to developers, and are now available even to the public, but alas, they care not. It’s an inconvenience to wait on the major OS updates, but even more problematic with the minor point releases, which you’re more likely to install without a second thought.

From Brady,
I recently got back into drumming after a 5 year hiatus and finding this podcast was an absolute blessing. I listened to every episode on iTunes in just a couple of weeks and was ecstatic to see a new episode up!

I have been kicking around the idea of diving into a DAW and trying to record some stuff from my Roland kit and the ‘DAWs in a nutshell’ was really helpful-as I was completely lost when looking at them online. Thanks for breaking it down from a drummer’s perspective.

Just wanted to drop you guys a line and tell you how much I appreciate this podcast and the wisdom, knowledge and advice that I have taken from it. Thanks, Brady P

PS- I bought a Tama Starclassic B/B a couple of weeks before I started to listen to the podcast and I love all the positive things I hear you guys say about it, and that Troy just bought one himself. I love that thing!

From Craig
Huge thanks to you guys for the refinishing drums episodes. It was truly the inspiration behind vision drum wrap. It all started with this show inspiring me to fix up my daughters old drums. I wanted something custom that was all her and started looking at the other wrap companies and just didn’t like what I was seeing. So I remembered a friend of mine had a really large flatbed printer that will print on anything up to 4″ thick. So we discussed many material options for strength and durability and came up with a new type of wrap. Here are some of the kits that have already been done just for locals that have really loved the product.




From Tom
Loved your Restoration show. Any recommendations for chrome paint on metal? Most of the highest rated ones I found on the Internet are for plastics. Thanks

From Pacemaker
Hey guys! welcome back, you’ve been missed this summer. I just came across this and it goes against everything i’ve seen about drum tuning. What’s your take?


Topic Notes

  • Drum Programing Plugins
  • Akai MPD18
  • Question: Could you make a complex track sound convincingly realistic if you imagine them being played by two separate drummers (as in a band like The Grateful Dead) as you compose? Thanks, and I can’t wait for the next part(s) in this series!

Music from this week’s Show:

In closing…

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