Drummer Talk 258 – What Not To Wear

Dave and Troy share tips for gigging attire.

Drummer Talk Mailbag

From Dan
Hey Troy & Dave, It’s so great to hear have you guys back on the air after your hiatus — I was anticipating the show’s return all summer long.

At the beginning of episode 257, Troy mentioned that he’s been into acapella lately and is amazed by what beatboxers are doing today. I wanted to share with you that I recently discovered a professional acapella group named Home Free — these are the guys that won the 2013 season of the show ‘The Sing Off’.  As it happened, my wife and I were lucky enough to catch them in concert earlier this week. By far the biggest surprise was the beatboxer, Adam Rupp. While I’m certainly no expert, to my ears his abilities sound other-worldly.

It would be a hoot if someday you could have a beatboxer do a guest spot on the show and explain a little of how they do what they do. As always, thanks so much for what you do, and know that I get a happy ‘bump’ every Thursday knowing that a new episode of Drummer Talk is waiting for me on my podcast player. Dan

Blake Lewis Beatboxing


Music from this week’s Show:

In closing…

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