Drummer Talk 259 – Music Theory Demystified

Mrs. What Is Up, Shannon Kropf, joins us to help demystify music theory and why we drummers should care about it!

Drummer Talk Mailbag

From Dan,
Hey guys, Just finished watching the companion video for episode 257 (drum programming) — great stuff! Would you consider doing an episode where you would break down the sonic elements of some classic drum sounds, and show how you would model those in your DAW? A possible format could be to play a snippet of an iconic tune from a genre, and then show how you would set up your DAW to achieve that sound. While I don’t have a DAW myself, I do have a Roland V kit, with its own dizzying array of settings. If I could see how you do this in your DAW, I think I could transfer that knowledge to my Roland module. Similarly, I’m guessing that an acoustic kit player could transfer that knowledge to figure out how to tune, mic, mix and apply effects to their kit. As always, thanks so much for what you do!


Topic Notes

Music from this week’s Show:

In closing…

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Next Week:  All About Bearing Edges (Part 1)

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