Phil Rudd loses appeal because judge figured AC/DC don’t want him

Sadly, the legal issues keep piling up for AC/DC’s former drummer.

Although he was able to avoid jail time, Phil Rudd is on house arrest and on the hook for several thousand dollars in fines due to his Summer conviction of threatening a person’s life. He’s tried to argue that the punishment is excessive, but the judge, High Court Justice Raynard Asher told New Zealand news,

“It is far from clear that at the time when the offending took place there was any place in the band available to Mr. Rudd, given his drug addiction and state of mind. It is only in certain countries that there is a certain problem arising from the convictions, and there is nothing to indicate that if Mr. Rudd was a greatly wanted band member that his inability to travel to those countries would mean that he could not be employed in other countries.”

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