Phil Collins to Come Out of Retirement

The pop world has been a little duller since master songsmith, Phil Collins, announced his retirement back in 2008, and although he hinted at a comeback in 2013, nothing’s been really official… until now.

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Collins confirmed that he’s “no longer officially retired,” and that the “horse is out of the stable and I’m raring to go.”

The drummer turned frontman has had his share of medical issues from hearing loss to back surgeries. But now that he’s on the mend, he’s looking at an upcoming tour.

“My kids are now 10 and 14 and they want to see what their dad does,” he says. “They were in nappies when I was last on the road. They love my music and I’d like to take them out so they can enjoy it.

“I would like to play the stadiums in Australia and the Far East, and that’s the only way to do that. But there’s a part of me that just wants to do theaters, so we’ll see.”

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