Drummer Talk 263 – PASIC15 Recap

Prof Troy is back from PASIC15 and has the lowdown on this year’s convention.

Opening Detritus

  • We have a news guy! Welcome, Ben Andrews!

Drummer Talk Mailbag

From Dan

Hey Troy & Dave, I want to thank you and Mrs. What Is Up for taking on the subject of depression, and for doing so in such a vulnerable and loving way. It was such a powerful episode that it prompted me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now: to go to Patreon and become a contributor.

In the show, you talked about how musicians’ brains may be wired differently, and of the transformative power of playing music. This reminded me of a NOVA documentary called Musical Minds.

One of the people profiled in the documentary is Matt Giordano (time mark 20:35), who has been coping with Tourette syndrome his entire life, and has found that the only thing that can help him quiet his tics is drumming. At the end of the episode (time mark 50:00) we also see how Matt is using drumming to help others with Tourette’s. The whole documentary is fascinating, inspirational, and well worth a watch. Fair warning though: if you’ve ever had someone with special needs close to you in your life, you may just find it impossible to make it through this thing with dry eyes.

As always, God bless you for bringing this show so selflessly to the drumming community.

Your friend, Dan


From “Debbie”

Wow – I was completely humbled to see the topic this week. Thank you for addressing this! When Shannon talked about the dread of practice and that sometimes it’s so hard to simply get started I wanted to laugh, cry, and shout all at the same time. Literally the story of my life.

I am sure that there are folks who listened to this podcast who struggle with depression or know someone who does. I believe hearing it talked about as a part of your daily lives (Troy dealing with it in his community, Dave and Shannon dealing with it as a family) WILL help people realize they are not alone and I know that will spread hope. Thank You!

P.S. More of Mrs. What is Up! She’s great!!


Music from this week’s Show:

In closing…

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