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Richard Edson Reflects on Sonic Youth

Richard Edson, drummer for American rock band Sonic Youth, reflects on the forming and culmination of the band’s first album.

The first time we got together –Thurston [Moore], Kim [Gordon], Anne [DeMarinis] and I…. I saw these mysterious, little, dark spots appearing on my bass drum. I kept bashing away but I couldn’t help wondering what they were… Then I noticed blood on Thurston’s strumming hand, and his beat-up guitar was missing one of the volume or tone knobs… He didn’t seem to know what was happening, or he just didn’t care. I didn’t care either, but I did care that he was getting blood on my drum set… It wasn’t like I was angry or anything, I just didn’t want his blood on my drums, and he said, oh, yeah, sorry dude… Afterwards they asked me to join the band.

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