Opinion: Top 50 Rock Drummers All-Time

Loudwire.com came out with a gallery of their thoughts on the top 50 hard rock and metal drummers of all time.  Here are the top 10: (10) Dave Grohl, (9) Bill Bruford, (8) Bill Ward, (7) Mike Portnoy, (6) Ginger Baker, (5) Danny Carey, (4) Dave Lombardo, (3) Neil Peart, (2) Keith Moon, and (1) John Bonham.

The ultimate combination of power and finesse, John Bonham is the prototypical heavy rock drummer. Though his life and career were cut tragically short and his body of work is pretty much confined to Led Zeppelin’s nine studio albums, that’s been more than enough to make him the absolute benchmark aspired to by most every drummer who has followed in his incomparable footsteps.
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