How to Make Drums

Bloomberg Business published an article (with excellent video) revealing the process of making drums through C&C drums in Missouri.  C&C drums focuses on traditional techniques and hand-craftsmanship.

“Yeah, we’re crazy. It’s Looney Toon land,” says Bill Cardwell, 59, founder of C&C Drum in Gladstone, Mo., just outside Kansas City. “The people that work here take such ownership of this place and have so much pride in the work that they do and their jobs.” Cardwell grew up playing the drums, and in 1990 he found himself co-owner of a vintage drum store with his friend, David Carrington, the other C of C&C. During downtime, Cardwell would make his own sets in the back of the store, trying to capture the tone and feeling of older drums that no one was making at the time.

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