Drummer Talk 267 – NAMM 2016 Recap (Part 2)

We continue our series on new gear from NAMM 2016!

Opening Detritus


From Dan:
Hey guys! So happy you’re back on the air after your winter break! I have to admit that I was starting to get concerned and on the verge of sending you one of those “Are you OK?” emails. I’m glad that it was all just a case of being super busy.

I’m writing because I want to share a practice tip with my fellow listeners, one that I’ve found invaluable and doesn’t get mentioned as often as I would think. Namely, practicing in front of a mirror. If you step into a gym or dance studio, one of the first things you’ll notice is mirrors everywhere, in recognition that form has a direct impact on athletic and artistic performance. The same is certainly true for drumming.

So about a year ago I dug out an old mirror, spent about 10 bucks for materials at my local home center, and built myself an easel to hang the mirror from. That simple solution lets me monitor the quality and symmetry of my movements in a way I couldn’t otherwise do, every time I practice. As a bonus, it also lets me keep tabs on the funny faces I might be apt to make while playing, faces that I wouldn’t want to share with an audience! In short: 10 bucks well spent.

I hope others will find this helpful. As always, thanks so much for what you do for the drumming community.

Your friend, Dan


Tom D
Regarding top 50 drummer list, I was surprised Stewart Copeland was not on the list. I was delighted to Mitch Mitchell on the list. I don’t think he gets mentioned enough when speaking of great drummers. Love the podcast!

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Gon Pops


Latin Percussion

 Music from this week’s show

In closing…

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