Keith Moon’s Top 10 Pranks

Rolling Stone just released an article detailing ten of Keith Moon’s (the Who) greatest pranks of all-time.  From exploding electric guitars, to trashing hotel rooms, to making absurd announcements in a public square, it seems like nothing was off-limits for the prankster.

During the Who’s U.K. tour in late 1967, Moon relished tormenting the Herd, their opening band. Though Herd guitarist Peter Frampton somehow managed to avoid becoming a target of Moon’s japery, keyboardist Andy Bown once found his instrument wired with firecrackers, which Moon detonated electronically from backstage during the band’s set. Moon and Who bassist John Entwistle also rigged up a wire-and-pulley system to the gong used by Herd drummer Andrew Steele; each time the hapless drummer would attempt to bang the going during the show, it would mysteriously move just out of his reach.

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