Ben Andrews

‘Hamilton’ Drummer Discusses New Phish Album

Drummer/percussionist of Broadway musical Hamilton (Andres Forero) revealed exciting details about Phish’s new album.

The drummer sent Trey a note and received one back from Anastasio…He… invited me to play on three tunes on their new album. One was a 15-minute piece with classical percussion. Even though I double majored in college in classical and jazz, it’s been a while for me. Of course, I agreed to do it..” Andrés went on to explain he broke out “cowbells and shakers” for the recording session as well. “We had such a synergy between us, near the end Trey said, ‘There’s only one song you haven’t played on.’” The paper’s article goes on to report, “Forero’s on every song of the next Phish album.”

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