Fred Armisen’s Favorite Drumming Albums 2016

Fred Armisen lists his favorite drumming albums of 2016 – do you agree?

These are my favorite drumming albums of 2016. I have to categorize this as my favorites as opposed to the best, because I am not familiar with enough records this year from different genres to make a fair list. It may seem limited, but this is just in my listening experience… This is in no particular order, and the drumming on these albums just stands out right away. Whenever I see Maxwell perform on TV or on YouTube, the drums are always beautiful and at the center of everything going on. Death metal drummers should get honorary Olympic medals. Always impressive…Kodama – Alcest – Winterhalter; BLACKsummers’night – Maxwell; Heads Up – Warpaint – Stella Mozgawa; Blackstar – David Bowie – Mark Guiliana; Bottomless Pit – Death Grips – Zach Hill
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