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Drummers are athletes, too!

According to this article from CBCnews.ca, Clem Burke and other drummers had their vitals monitored as they played and, in Burke’s case, “[his heart rate readings] could have been [that of] a premiership footballer”.  The full details of the Clem Burke Drumming Project study, conducted by the Universities of Gloucestershire and Chichester, are to be released this Monday (28 July, 2008), but the comparisons between sport and drumming seem quite startling.

This is something I think we’ve always known, but it’s nice to see a study that gives drummers their due as performers, whether musical or athletic.

How do you find inspiration?

In the last episode (February 29th, 2008) of Drummer Talk, the guys discussed how to get out of a musical rut. Many good ideas were discussed, but I wanted to challenge you to consider this: how, or in what, do you find inspiration? Read more