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DTU Library – How to make bassists happy

DTU Library – How to make bassists happy

The inextricable relationship between drums and bass has sparked more conversations than the Pepsi Challenge. It’s common knowledge that the drummer and bassist are supposed to work closely together, but how? What is the relationship supposed to look like?

As drummers we’ve been told to listen and to work together with the bassist to create a groove. That is great advice, but it’s vague. On the other hand, some of us have been given concrete general rules to follow; we’ve been told that the bass drum should match the rhythm of the bass part or that we should keep as much eye contact as possible with our bassist. But the reason why the relationship between bass and drums is so complex and has subsequently led to so much discussion is the fact that there are no cut-and-dry rules, no step-by-step processes lead to success.

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