How is DW not being sued over this?

I came across DW’s new Steve Smith Backstage Practice Pad and I got a strange feeling of Dejá Vu. How the heck are the Knee Pad guys not suing DW over patent infringement?? These are obviously the same products!

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The Return of the Peter Erskine Freestanding Stickbag!

When Peter Erskine left his long-standing relationship with Yamaha last year for DW Drums, one question that immediately came up was what was the fate of his amazing signature Freestanding Stickbag. I had heard the Yamaha was due to release the stick bag minus Erskine’s autograph, but lo’ and behold it looks as if DW Drums will be releasing the stick bag – this time with a STAND!

This is great news indeed. I own two of the Yamaha bags and love them! It’ll be interesting to see this thing in person and see how the stand works. One improvement I can see from the pic is the rails on the top of the table bit because I am forever having sticks and mallets roll off the top.

P.S. I guess we know now who owned the patent on this sucker.

Yamaha Talks Up New Hex Rack System

Yamaha Talks Up New Hex Rack System

Falling somewhere in between Gibraltar’s round rack system and Pearl’s square rack system, Yamaha announced an hexagonal rack system at the Winter NAMM 2008. Yamaha claims the design provides “superior strength,” and “delivers a reliable, strong, easy-to-use and visually stunning rack in one innovative package.” A few NAMM pics are floating around the internet.

The model numbers are also popping up on music retail sites. Here are all the details from the Yammy press release:

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Every now and again, a new product begs the question, “Why didn’t anyone think of that before?” With the introduction of the new Hex Rack Systemâ„¢ at Winter NAMM 2008, Yamaha Drums will undoubtedly be hearing that query frequently. Read more

New 2008 Products from Vater

Vater has recently released a slem of new sticks and accessories for 2008. My fav is the über death-core-metal-thrash accessory, the Skull Slick Nut – for those who need gore and goth to top every last inch of their setup. I’m so HXC I fart darkness!!

Man, you’d think they could find a cleaner cymbal for the photo. Anyway, I really like Slick Nuts, but be sure you get one that fits your hardware – metric, or US – because thy actually thread onto stands. Read more

Drummer Talk 03/09/2007 – Every Drummer Needs

I sat down with Jim Petit and Bryan Rumfola from Memphis Drum Shop to unveil their new cymbal website,! Also, we discuss accessories every drummer should own.