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DVD Review – Akira Jimbo: Fujiyama

     Akira Jimbo has probably gone farther than any other drummer down the path of cross breeding acoustic and electronics. Anyone who’s tooled around his drummerworld.com page for a little while knows what i’m talking about. He pioneered his own method of blending electronic and acoustic drums into a hybrid kit upon which he can perform entire songs as a one man band. He’s not playing to a track or over a loop (though he does use loops) he’s using electronic drums to orchestrate parts that would normally be played by other musicians or electronically added afterwards. The system elevates drummers, drumming, and the drum-set to new musical heights. Read more


DVD Review – Akira Jimbo: Wasabi

     Akira Jimbo’s first offering to the drumming public is his video Wasabi. Wasabi is mostly about the Wasabi Method Akira developed to help him change up his playing. The Wasabi Method consists of four basic parts used to spice up a groove or lick you’ve heard somewhere else. Incase you were wondering about the title, Wasabi is a very popular spice in Akira’s homeland, Japan. Because the video and method are about spicing up your playing it makes sense that they would be named after a spice, no? Read more

Drummer Talk 11/17/2005 – PASIC 2005 Recap (Part II)

PASIC Recap Part 2 (of 3) and we discuss the John Blackwell, Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, Jason Bittner, Akira Jimbo, and Terry Silverlight clinics, as well as talk to Trick Drums and DKDT listener, Jerod Phillips!