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Benny Greb raising money for new DVD project on Indiegogo

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Benny Greb raising money for new DVD project on Indiegogo

One of modern drumming’s hottest clinician, educator, and ambassador, Benny Greb, is putting together a new DVD and he needs your help! He’s raising €80k to go towards the production of The Art and Science of Groove.

“I wanna go deep and offer a holistic approach how you can improve your Groove and Timefeel.

in order to get this system across in a comprehensible and fun way, i need the film / DVD format. its just not something where a 3min online video format makes sense…”

With under two weeks left, they’ve already raised €68k!

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Thomas Lang and Benny Greb give 5 pro drumming tips

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Thomas Lang and Benny Greb give 5 pro drumming tips

Music Radar chatted with Thomas Lang and Benny Greb to ask them their tips for pro drumming!

To set the drums up for the viewer so it looks cool from the front rather than for yourself. I know a lot of young drummers make that mistake. Number two would be to set the drums up so that the bass drum is facing the audience straight on, rather than being off to the right if you are a right-handed drummer, because the bass drum is not the centre of the drumset.

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Drummer Talk 11/19/2009 – PASIC 2009 Recap (Part I)

Today, we go over the first day and a half of PASIC 2009.  Clinics include Maria Martinez, Chris Pennie, Sergio Belotti, Tobias Ralph, Felix Pollard, Steve Fidyk, and Benny Greb.


DVD Review – Benny Greb: The Language of Drumming: A System for Musical Expression

      Benny Greb’s new DVD is somewhere between Big Time and the Thomas Lang DVDs. To me this makes sense because I tend to think of Benny Greb’s drumming style as a blend of those two drummers. Thomas Langesq chops with a Billy Ward like sense of creativity. In this DVD Benny Greb teaches you how to “speak drum” There isn’t anything revolutionary in terms of what he’s teaching, it’s how he’s teaching it that is the real selling point. This isn’t one huge system it’s actually 3 or 4 smaller ones that he’s teaching you by relating them to something very intuitive to humans, language.

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Great Benny Greb Grooves

Thought I’d share one of my favorite videos with you all today. This one’s of Benny Greb groovin’ away in his studio. I love the simplicity of these clips. Just a couple of mics and a drumset. Something beautifully perfect about that. Enjoy!


Drummer Talk 12/08/2006 – PASIC Recap (Part III)

We wrap up our PASIC coverage today with Part III of our PASIC Recap. We talk about Jim Riley, John Riley (no relation), Rodney Holmes, and Keith Carlock. Plus, Dave has an embarrassing encounter with Benny Greb.