PASIC 2008 Clinic/Masterclass Coverage

In case you guys are curious, here is the list of clinics we will plan on attending. I will be live blogging from these clinics and will upload as I go along (depending on the internet connect speeds).

Thursday: Erik Smith, Derek Roddy, Derico Watson

Friday: Ed Soph, Stanley Randolph & Fausto Cuevas, Brooks, Chad, & John Wackerman, Gavin Harrison, Steve Ferrone

Saturday: Ari Hoenig, Terrence Higgins, Marco Minnemann & Johnny Rabb, Robby Ameen, Jessie Carballo, & Richie Flores, Ray Luzier & Steven Antonopoulos

I hope you guys enjoy our live coverage of PASIC 2008! Look for lots of photos!