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Drummer Talk 10/15/2009 – PASIC 2009 Preview

This week, we look at the clinics and masterclasses coming up at PASIC 2009 in Indianapolis, IN. The Double Drag Tap is the rudiment of the week, we talk about the recent Sabian Vault Tour in the news, and the legendary Buddy Rich is the drummer of the week.


Rich vs Animal

This video has made the rounds a couple times, but it’s one of my personal favorites. Hope you guys enjoy.


Buddy Rich Memorial Returns

Source: Drummerzone.com

After a 10 year absence, the 2008 Buddy Rich memorial returns with a vengence on October 18, 2008 at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, NY. This year’s event prom ises to be the biggest ever. The event is being produced by Cathy Rich and Scabeba Entertainment, Neil Peart and title sponsor Drucker Labs.

Featured artists include drumming icon Neil Peart from Rush, Terry Bozzio from Frank Zappa and Missing Persons, John Blackwell from Prince and Justin Timberlake, and Buddy Rich’s grandson Nick Rich. More guests to be announced.

Sticks, Sticks, Sticks

I talk to a lot of drummers about sticks. It’s amazing the differences in players and their preferences. Here’s my take.

Ive been a fan of Buddy Rich’s stick way back before Vic Firth even sold them. Ludwig made a model, 15AL (laminated maple) that were identical to the now VF Buddy Rich Sigs. I use the Rich sigs for heavier work. What I like most about these sticks is the fact that due to the long, beadless taper, the majority of the stick’s weight is closer to the fulcrum. This gives a more effortless feel (especially in my traditional hand) with the stick feeling like it’s moving around the fulcrum, not in front of it. So for rock, funk, or louder worship settings, I use the BR sigs. Read more

My own vintage decals

I’m playing with Neal Bowen and Jonathan Penalber in a little Jazz combo called The BeBop Broadcasting Network and I was thinking I need to get on of those retro bass drum decals like Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa had back in the 30’s-50’s.

Originally, I looked into using vintagelogos.com, but while $35 for a decal isn’t bad, I know I could squirt out my own design for less. So I popped open Illustrator, spent about an hour getting one together and called up my local sign shop. To my amazement, they only charged my $10 to get one of these decals made! So I ordered 2 (and got 6 by the time it was over … long story) – one to put on my 18″ Mapex and one to put on my 22″ Starclassic.

They look really great. As soon as I get a pic of one on the drum itself, I’ll post it up.