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Vic Firth Lite Stix Video

Interesting clip here. This shows a few guys demonstrating the visual effects seen when performing with Vic Firth’s LED Lite Stix. The sticks, which have a colored LED light on the beads, are a total gimmick, but some of these look cool. However… can anyone explain to me why Vinny Appice appears to be in a bathroom towards the end of the video?


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DVD Review – Carmine Appice: Drum Master Class

Carmine Appice (pronounced a piece) the man, the myth, the legend, the hair, the mustache… you get it all in Carmine Appice: Drum Master Class. Carmine Jumps straight into the teaching as soon the video begins and the topic is double bass shuffles. He demonstrates a basic double bass shuffle and then goes through some ideas about how spice up the basic shuffle anyway you want.

The cool thing about this video is that they have a transcription that pops up on the screen when Carmine is going to play something. The transcription is written in white which is usually dumb because it’s usually hard to see against most backgrounds. It’s very easy to see in this vid, so thumbs up there. He then demonstrates a cool lick between the hands and feet that you can throw in about anywhere to give it a semi-boogalooish feel. Good stuff so far.

He then moves on into drags and how he applies them in some of his rhythms. He demonstrates drags on both his hands and feet. Alot of this stuff is in his realistic rock book and DVDs so bear that in mind if you already own some of his other stuff. however the stuff he covers in here is the stuff that modern rock drumming is made of. Read more


DVD – Review: Learn Drums With Six Great Masters!

This presentation by Hotlicks is reminiscent of Frankenstein’s monster. The idea being to take the best sections of six different Hotlicks features and blend them together in one monster presentation. Most of the movies that are sampled in this video have a full length of about sixty minutes. While this movie itself is only 41 minuets long. My point being that you getting less by watching this then you would by watching one of the videos sampled in this feature.

Now to be fair, I’m pretty sure that about half of these videos aren’t in production anymore so this might be the only way you have to get a glimpse into what those videos contained. I’ve searched for the videos by Kenwood Denard, Tico Torres, and Tommy Aldridge but I can’t find them anywhere. If you were desperate to see these things, you might find one at a Goodwill somewhere in Nebraska in VHS format. Read more

Drummer Talk 04/25/2008 – Best Bang for Your Buck

On today’s show, we talk about the best bang for your buck in terms of books and gear.  Carmine Appice is the drummer of the week, the 11 Stroke Roll is the rudiment of the week, and we talk about Stanton Moore’s new album, Emphasis (on Parenthesis).