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Drummer Talk 04/01/2011 – Monster Solos pt. 2 (#158)

Drummer Talk

Drummer Talk 04/01/2011 – Monster Solos pt. 2 (#158)

We continue Part 2 of Monster Drum Solos of all time with numbers 10-1!  In news, Rush releases new Moving Pictures studio footage, a young boy gets his wish come true, Carter Beauford goes to Vic Firth, Jason Bittner moves to Big Z, and we discuss the end of drumming mags.  Show notes after the break!
Victor Wooten & Carter Beauford: Making Music


Victor Wooten & Carter Beauford: Making Music

This review might be a little nontraditional but you’ll have to forgive me because this DVD is quite nontraditional. It’s one of those most rare of animals, the drum and bass instructional video. Carter Beauford, (drummer for DMB) and Victor Wooten, (bassist for Béla Fleck and the Flecktones), decided to turn the recording session for Victor’s album Yin-Yang into the foundation for an entire drum/bass instructional DVD. This isn’t two separate instructional DVDs that Hudson Music decided to sell as a package. It doesn’t try to teach everything you need to know to play either instrument. Rather, it focuses on the music on the Yin-Yang album and examines the give-and-take between Carter and Victor when they play. This is an instructional that demands you pay attention to what they play and analyze it for yourself. Read more


Dave Matthews Band Video Provides Insight On New Album

My love of all things Dave Matthews Band has been discussed much on the show, so here goes again. has a video providing an interesting look behind the scenes of the writing and recording of their new album Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. Lots of very interesting tidbits in this video, including shots of the band using legit charts, engineer Doug McKean’s thoughts on drum sounds, and the band’s thoughts on the passing of saxophonist LeRoi Moore, who died during the recording. Also, at one point you see drummer Carter Beauford go for it in the studio (8:02 minute mark). I’ve picked up the album, and I must say it’s pretty great. Definitely a solid effort from a band who’s entering their third decade of existence.

Check out the video here!