Drummer Talk 05/22/2009 – Protect Your Gear!

We talk all about cases on this week’s show!  Carter brings the news (including a disgusting Joey Jordison story), Keith Moon is the drummer of the week, and the Cheese-pata-flafla is the hybrid rudiment of the week. 

New Protection Racket Drum Mat Bag


Ask any drummer, “what is the first thing you do when setting up”, and they will tell you, “put down my drum mat”. The drum mat, the unsung hero of any drummers set up, like any piece of equipment, needs to be protected from the elements, easy to carry and store, quickly identified and secure when packed up.

The new Protection Racket Drum Mat Bag is 100% waterproof, super lightweight and comes with a draw string entry,  keeping your mat secure and tightly rolled when packed away. The central carry handle makes it easy to move about, in comparison to the more usual “under the arm”carry job!

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never felt the need to have a case just for my drum mat.  My little $15 Home Depot entry mat rolls up quite nicely.  Then again, if you have a monster drum mat, then a bag could come in handy.

New Cases from Kaces

Source: Harmony Central

The originator of Grafix designs, Kaces introduces a new 4-piece drum bag set that drummers can personalize and expanded into 5 pieces with their choice of seven different Grafix snare bag design options.

Available in three different size configurations to match most common drum sets (2 fusion, 1 standard), these new gig bags are made with a durable 600D Nylon Exterior that protects the drums against dirt, scratches and dings. In keeping with Kaces high-quality standards, every bag is double-stitched and reinforced at all the stress points for long life on the road. They also feature extra long handles for easy transport along with tough luggage-grade zippers.

With a suggested list price of $169.95, these new 4-piece sets combine Kaces high quality with a low-cost “economy” price point. Most importantly, the seven optional Grafix snare bags list for only $43.95 each, and bring a cool new vibe to the creative drummer looking for something really different.

Protection Racket Launch Double Pedal Bag


Drum pedals are a vital and expensive part on any drum kit and keeping them protected, secure and together in one place is a priority for any drummer. The New Protection Racket double pedal bag has been designed to not just protect valuable pedals but has thought through all the little extra’s that makes life on the road as easy as possible. For example the internal rigid pedal separator is fully adjustable and helps prevent the pedals from knocking together during transport. Other extras include the handy elasticated holder on the bag lid to secure the pedal drive shaft in place. Read more