charlie benante

Accessorize your Charlie Benante Coffee with an Autographed Mug


Remember a while back we told you about the new Anthrax coffee from drummer, Charlie Benante? Now you can sip that Anthrax coffee with your very own 16oz. autographed mug!

Says Charlie: “Each autographed mug has a handwritten note from me. For example, ‘Drink Up’ or ”Mmmmmmm good.’ This is the same style mug that I drink my morning, afternoon and evening coffee from. It’s a tall, heavy mug with a full handle. The autographed cups are limited. We have unsigned cups as well. Just like Krusty brand products – the ink is permanent but washing it may cause the ink to come off.”

Anthrax Drummer, Charlie Benante, Peddles Signature Coffee

Here’s a play from the Matt Sorum book of marketing.  Charlie Benante, better known to the drumming world as Anthrax’s drummer, is now pushing his own line of coffee offered through Legends Cup Coffee.  Man, drummers will come outwith a signature ANYTHING!  What’s next, Joey Jordison’s Vienna Sausages?  Besides, does anyone really want to drink coffee with the word “anthrax” on the label?

You all know me, you know how I earn a living. When I’m not bashing on my drums to the sounds of ANTHRAX, I like to enjoy a good cup of Coffee. I will drink it hot, iced, frapped and intravenously. I’ve been all around the world, tried many different blends and I have come up with some combinations that Kick ***. If you are a coffee drinker, I think you’re going to Love it.

He offers it by the pound or you can join his “Coffee Crew” (aka: coffee subscription) for just $20 a month!  I dunno .. it just seems more difficult to take him seriously now. If you want to try it, you can find out more …