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Chris Adler confirms Megadeth Tour

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Chris Adler confirms Megadeth Tour

When Megadeath announced that they would be heading out on a North American tour with Suicidal Tendencies, Children of Bodom, and Havok, it was unclear whether Chris Adler would be joining them.  Read more

Drummer Talk 03/04/2011 – Concert Percussion Tips (#156)

Drummer Talk 03/04/2011 – Concert Percussion Tips (#156)

We talk about tips for Concert percussion on today’s show.  In news, we discuss Chris Adler’s clinic takes, Ringoâ„¢’s upcoming UK tour, MD festival lineup, Is Dream Theater done?, Travis Barker news, and Zac Hansen has a baby girl!  Show Notes

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Chris Adler and Jason Bittner: Live at Modern Drummer Festival 2005

It has been a while but I’m back from my vacation and I’m brining the reviews son! If you own the DVD set for the 2005 Modern Drummer Festival then don’t bother with this one because you already own it. This DVD is merely the two clinics that these two drummers gave during the modern drummer festival so it’s kind of like a HMMS (Hudson Music Master Series) double feature. There’s not much else to say about it beyond that so let’s just get into it. Read more


Alfred Publishing Releases On The Beaten Path: Metal

Looks like Alfred Publishing is really trying to make a series out of their On The Beaten Path books. Following up their award winning “On The Beaten Path: The Drummer’s Guide to Musical Styles and the Legends Who Defined Them,” and the associated book on Prog Rock, Alfred’s getting into the metal game with their latest release. I think their next release in this series should be jazz. I think there are tons of guys who would eat that up. Bring on the swing!

Lots of good metal drummers in this book, including the coffee-drinking Charlie Benante. Maybe he and this book can curl up next to a warm toasty fire on a winter’s night with his coffee mug. HARDCORE!!!


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