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DVD Review – Chris Layton: Double Trouble Drums

     Maybe I’m all alone in this but before I picked up this DVD I had no idea who Chris Layton was. Maybe that’s a forgivable offense but I also didn’t know who Stevie Ray Vaughan was either. So if you do know who Stevie Ray Vaughan was then placing Chris Layton in your mind will be easy. He was Stevie’s drummer in Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Double Trouble band, making him either the double or the trouble. I’m not sure which. Read more

John Blackwell and Chris Layton Now with Big Z

I’m not sure how this shook down, but according to, both John Blackwell and Chris Layton have left Sabian and are now endorsing Zildjian cymbals.

Commented Chris Layton: “I’m very excited to be playing Zildjian Cymbals. After trying some of the Armand Series cymbals Mitch Mitchell was using last year on the Experience Hendrix Tour, I found myself searching for the sound I started out with, which led me to Zildjian.”

John Blackwell commented, “I’ve always loved Zildjians – my dad always played A Zildjians, so I grew up playing them. After hearing the crispness of the Hybrids and other lines like K Constantinople and the Armand Series, I was hooked. And the people at Zildjian are like family.”

I’d guess the Sabian folks are none too happy, and I wonder if they have to give all those Sabian cymbals back?