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Ever seen a cymbal shaped like a samurai helmet? Or a shield? Or a hand? MusicRadar hadn’t – until we met British cymbal-maker Matt Nolan at Musikmesse 2009.

Nolan gave us a quick interview about the methods behind his cymbalsmithery, and even played them for us, too.

As Rhyhtm magazine’s Chris Barnes says: “They sound absolutely nuts”. But in a good way…


Sabian Buries 100 Cymbals in Hopes the “Legend” is True

Interesting story from the good folks at Sabian Cymbals. I’ve always heard of guys burying ride cymbals for six months in their backyards for the purposes of drying them out. My first teacher did it. His Zildjian K Custom Medium Ride is a dry as they come. Sounds great! Looks like Sabian is trying their hand at it with their “One of 100” project. Feels a touch gimmicky to me, but I’d be interested in hearing what they sound like.


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Tony Royster, Jr. Moves to Sabian


It’s been a busy few months for endorsements as John Blackwell and Chris Layton moved to Zildjian. It looks like Sabian has just secured drumming prodigy, Tony Royster, Jr.

“HHX cymbals are my sound,” commented Royster. “I love the smooth responses of the Evolutions, the hot tone of the Xtreme and Legacy crashes, and the multi-hole design and wicked sound of the O-Zone, which is the real kicker! With SABIAN I’ve found a great range of sounds that cover everything from hip-hop and heavy metal to jazz and fusion. I didn’t know it before, but I know it now; SABIAN has it all.”

Added Christian Stankee, SABIAN artist relations manager (USA): “Tony Royster Jr. is one of the hottest young drummers on the planet. Not only can he play, he can groove, which is why he’s so popular at drumming events and, even at his young age, he’s playing serious gigs such as Jay Z. Tony is a great modern drummer and a perfect player for SABIAN.”

Who can forget Tony’s 12 yr-old video clip?


Sabian Releases 13-inch Fierce Hats

Source: Harmony Central

SABIAN has expanded its Vault collection with the introduction of 13-inch Vault Fierce Hats. Inspired by renowned drummer Jojo Mayer, the Fierce Hats feature a raw, unlathed surface and jumbo hammer marks that combine to deliver an aggressive low-end clarity and punchy, semi-dry response that projects in any music. It is this unique response that has made the Fierce concept a favorite among drummers of all styles, said Mark Love, SABIAN master product specialist.

“The hats’ attack is very aggressive with a low bite, which means they are punchy and cutting, yet not metallic sounding. This is more about music than metal,” Love said. “Sticking is always precise, and the pedal ‘chick’ is strong and articulate. Jojo’s Fierce Ride and Crash created such a positive stir, and with so many people commenting about the cymbals on his ‘Weapons for the Modern Drummer’ DVD, introducing the Fierce Hats was a natural progression.”

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Pasite Expands Twenty and Rude Series


First introduced in 2007 in a concept proving and ground breaking essential configuration, the Twenty assortment now undergoes a major expansion, as the company completes an ambitious development process in response to world-wide requests by drummers and percussionists for additional models in the critically acclaimed series. Read more

Drummer Talk 03/20/2008 – All About Crashes

We talk all about crashes on today’s show! Plus, Dennis Chambers is the drummer of the week, the seven stroke roll is the rudiment of the week, and we discuss stopping a cymbal crack.  Show Notes


Alesis Merges Tradition And Innovation With Surge Electronic Cymbals


Alesis introduces the revolutionary SURGE electronic cymbals, delivering the convenience of an e-percussion experience with the realism of acoustic cymbals. Crafted from genuine brass alloy and dampened by a clear, proprietary vinyl layer, the SURGE electronic Piezo-based electronic cymbal triggers offer a lighting fast, crystal clear response with a remarkably realistic feel.

If the play as good as they look, Alesis may be on to something. Read the full story …

Zildjian Factory Tour Vids

Continuing on the cymbal video love, here are few videos covering Zildjian history and its factory. Most surprising fact: it’s pronounced “AHH-veh-dis,” not “ahh-VEE-dis.” My brain hurts!

Part 1
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News Story of Sabian Vault Tour

Texas news station does a report on the Sabian Vault Tour. Dig the Sabian rep holding his ear like a 1950’s news announcer.


If the vault tour comes into your town, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

How Zildjian Cymbals Are Made

This is an EXCELLENT video of how Zildjian cymbal are made. From the UK program, How It’s Made.


Zildjian Promo Videos from 1990

I dug up these old school (as in 18 years old!) Zildjian promo videos. Of special note is Weckl’s  “loyalty” to Zildjian (he’s now a Sabian endorsee) and his massive rock perm-mullet! We want muscle shirt! We want muscle shirt!!

These videos are a little bit hokey, but they are informative. Also keep an eye out for Omar Hakim, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Tommy Aldridge, Louis Bellson, Tony Williams, and more!

The Zildjian Secret, Part 1

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Max Roach’s “Mr. Hi-Hat”

You owe it to yourself to watch this classic video of Max Roach performing Mr. Hi-Hat.


Although I’m not sure of the exact date of this video, judging by the clothing, Max’s age, Jo Jones’ age (he died in 1985), and the video quality it looks to be late early 80’s-ish. Read more

Zildjian Launches “Ask Zildjian” Program

Big Z has just announced Ask Zildjian, a new web support program that allows Z Club members to pester Zildjian staffers for cymbal product help.

You do have to be a Z Club member to participate, but it’s free so what have you got to lose except a few more slivers of web privacy?

Had a burning question about which cymbal to buy? Don’t fret, our all-knowing team has the perfect suggestion for you. Waiting to hear back on what cymbal would go great with the set your parents got you for Christmas? Head over to Ask Zildjian now – your answer is waiting for you…

Personally, I think they totally ripped off “Ask Dave,” but I’m sure their battery of lawyers would pistol whip me into submission if litigation ensued. Curse you free market economy!!!

Read the full story from Zildjian.

Hammeraxâ„¢ Launches Whipcrashâ„¢ Bronze Cymbals

Source: Harmony Central

Hammeraxâ„¢ announces the release of Whipcrashâ„¢ brand cymbals. Whipcrashâ„¢ cymbals feature an S-shaped array of hammered microcups which can be stick-raked hard or softly to create one hand crescendos and decrescendos. These microcups are not attached jingles- they are formed directly into the cymbal bronze through hammering. The 10 microcups also add complexity to the sound.

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