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Drummer Talk 08/29/2008 – Getting Crazy Sounds from the Kit

We explore getting crazy sounds from the kit on today’s show.  Joe Morello is the drummer of the week, the start learning hybrid rudiments with the Shirley Murphy, we review the Vic Firth Isolating Headphones, and Ask Dave answers an ASCAP question.  Show Notes


DVD Review – Joe Morello’s Drum Method: Volume 1 & 2

The problem with reviewing these old drum technique instructional videos is that their modern counterparts just blow the old ones out of the water. These new DVD’s like Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer and Drum-Set Technique/History of the U.S. Beat are so thorough and comprehensive that there is not very much to be gained by viewing these old ones. This is somewhat true of Joe Morello’s Drum Method 1 & 2, but not as much as I expected.

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