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Drum Fantasy Camp Returns

The Drum Fantasy Camp returns to Cleveland this August 8-12.  Packages start at $1199 and go up to $1759 (with hotel).

The 2013 Drum Fantasy Camp will once again bring together drummers of all ages, styles, and playing levels, to attend concerts and small group learning sessions with the world’s greatest drummers.

So far, Thomas Lang, Steve Smith, and Dave Weckl are on board.

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Dave Weckl: Soloing Around Kicks (from DRUM!)

Dave Weckl: Soloing Around Kicks (from DRUM!)

“The first and foremost thing to consider though is to try to make any groove musical and make it feel consistently good, whether using inverted beats or not. Most importantly, is the fact that this is nothing really new, and certainly wasn’t my idea to begin with… As far as developing this concept, I actually don’t want to advocate even doing it, to be honest! I think I’d rather try to get kids and students playing really good feeling, grooving, swinging straight beats first.”

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Have Dave Weckl Play On Your Record

Dave Weckl, noted studio drummer and clinic extraordinaire, is offering himself as drummer/producer/engineer on his website. He has a complete Pro Tools HD3 rig, mic’d up kit, and iso room in his garage! Personally, I’m frothing with jealousy. It’s one of my dreams to have a working home studio. Looks like I should take some notes! Check out the video and photos on his site. Pretty sweet!


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Dave Weckl to Clinic Tour with Yamaha’s New Phoenix Kit

Source: Rhythm Magazine

Drum sensation Dave Weckl will be conducting a short UK clinic tour in November to promote the arrival of Yamaha’s brand new PHX – Phoenix kit, billed by Yamaha as ‘the ultimate drum kit’. Yamaha claims it’s their best sounding kit ever and at over £5000 it’s also the most expensive and the result of over five years of extensive research at Yamaha’s drum laboratory in Japan.

Dave Weckl, together with a leading group of some of the world’s most respected drum artists have been working alongside Yamaha’s top sound engineers and drum technicians on the Phoenix since the idea was first conceived in 2003.

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DVD Reveiw – Dave Weckl: How To Develop Your Own Sound

JABB here with the review of the third part of the Dave Weckl: A Natural Evolution series of videos.

Dave Weckl’s last offering to the drumming populace is all about getting your sound out of the drums. It’s also probably the most valuable DVD in the series because he gets pretty in-depth into mics and EQ, a subjects most drummers (myself included) are pretty ignorant about. This isn’t a video about your touch on the instrument, rather it’s about how you tune, mic and EQ your drum-set.

The video starts off with a section on tuning your drums. Dave covers the different head types and gives a very basic out line of their sound qualities. Dave is a Remo endorsee so he talks about ambassadors and emperors and such because that’s the Remo line of products. He then show’s you how he tunes his drums on a tom tom from his kit. The problem I have with this is that tuning a tom-tom is a different process from tuning a bass drum or a snare drum. Read more

DVD Review – Dave Weckl: How to Practice

This is JABB bringing you part two of the Dave Weckl trilogy in three…two…one… engaged!

The second part of Dave’s video series focuses on the practice routines that Dave Weckl follows to stay at the top of his game. If you’ve seen any of the Thomas Lang DVDs then you have a very good frame of reference to visualize this DVD.

When I ordered this video on netflix I visualized it being more about Dave giving some ideas about how to construct a practice routine as opposed to handing you one. Of course I expected some exercises and examples, but that’s most of what I got. Well, actually that isn’t true. This is the DVD they decided to cram all the performance clips into because it’s the one with the least actual content in my opinion. So you do get alot of Dave playing with his band to break up the different sections of the video. Read more

DVD Review – Dave Weckl: How to Develop Techinque

Back from an extended break I’m bringing sexy back! no, wait. No i’m not. I’m bringing reviews back!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve matured as a review since my early days and if I seem inconsistent with the way I reviewed earlier in my career, it’s because I’m a bit better and more experienced than I used to be. Maybe someday I’ll go back and re-review some of my earlier works that didn’t have the benefit of my current reviewing maturity when I wrote them. But I digress Read more

Drummer Talk 08/08/2008 – Kit Maintenance

Today we kick off Season 4 of Drummer Talk with a show about kit maintenance.  Dave Weckl is the drummer of the week, the pataflafla is the rudiment of the week, and Carter reviews Zildjian’s new Pitch Black cymbals.  Show Notes

Collection of solos from PASIC 2007

You’ve heard us talk endlessly about PASIC. Well, here is a Vic Firth video of several different solos from PASIC 2007 in Columbus, OH. Features Omar Hakim, Dave Weckl, Ndugu Chancler, Alex Acuña, and Peter Erskine.


Drummer Talk 11/16/2007 – PASIC 2007 Recap (Part II)

We continue our PASIC 2007 coverage with Part II (of III). We talk about Dave DiCenso, Dave Weckl, JJ Johnson, Lewis Nash, and Omar Hakim.  Show Notes

Sticks, Sticks, Sticks

I talk to a lot of drummers about sticks. It’s amazing the differences in players and their preferences. Here’s my take.

Ive been a fan of Buddy Rich’s stick way back before Vic Firth even sold them. Ludwig made a model, 15AL (laminated maple) that were identical to the now VF Buddy Rich Sigs. I use the Rich sigs for heavier work. What I like most about these sticks is the fact that due to the long, beadless taper, the majority of the stick’s weight is closer to the fulcrum. This gives a more effortless feel (especially in my traditional hand) with the stick feeling like it’s moving around the fulcrum, not in front of it. So for rock, funk, or louder worship settings, I use the BR sigs. Read more