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Vic Firth Lite Stix Video

Interesting clip here. This shows a few guys demonstrating the visual effects seen when performing with Vic Firth’s LED Lite Stix. The sticks, which have a colored LED light on the beads, are a total gimmick, but some of these look cool. However… can anyone explain to me why Vinny Appice appears to be in a bathroom towards the end of the video?


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Drummer Talk 11/21/2008 – PASIC 2008 Recap (1 of 3)

Today, we recap PASIC 2008 day 1 with Erik Smith, Derek Roddy, and Derico Watson. We also talk about the death of Mitch Mitchell.

Derico Watson Clinic

5:05 After several introductions, DW finally takes the stage. He’s all smiles. He thanks the sponsors. Talks about wanting to do DCI, but never had a chance. Thankful to be here. Talks about his gear (Premier 5pc, 1 rack 2 floor.)

DW: I’ve been on tour a while and I’m ready to have fun!

5:09 sits at kit and plays to track. Sick, odd meter grooves! Such a great pocket.

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