DIY Electronic Drums

Have an afternoon free and are itching to build your own, homemade electronic drums? Thanks to, you can scratch that itch with a tutorial on building your own electronic drums from scratch!

We’ve not actually done this tute yet, but if someone out there does it, please let us know!

Dave’s Handy Homemade Hotrod Helpfile

Dave’s Handy Homemade Hotrod Helpfile

I made this tutorial quite a while back, but I thought I’d dig it up and front page it yet again. Enjoy!


Here’s my guide to making your very own multi-rods.

It’s very easy and will only set you back about $5/pair (instead of $15-$20 from the big boys.) Your cost may vary depending on the quality of your materials (like wood glue).

Plan on the project taking about an hour from start to finish. These materials will make a total of two pairs of multi-rods (a pair for you and a pair for your buddy that helped!) Read more

Drummer Talk 09/07/2007 – Soundproofing 101

Today’s show is all about Soundproofing. Plus we talk about photo shoots and the flam paradiddle. Adam Deitch is the Drummer of the Week. Show Notes