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Drummer Talk 05/13/2011 – Snare Drum Makeover (#162)

Drummer Talk 05/13/2011 – Snare Drum Makeover (#162)

It’s the season finale of Drummer Talk Season 6, and on this week’s show, Dave’s gives a very in-depth look at a complete snare drum makeover – from batter head, to reso head, to snare strands, to strand cords.

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Wait! Portnoy wanted back in Dream Theater??

The Dream Theater drummer drama just never seems to end!  MusicRadar.com has just put up a very in-depth interview with Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess and John Petrucci.  In the interview, they reveal the Portnoy asked to rejoin the band stating he “made a mistake.”

Rudess: We got the drummers in, which everybody knows, and we filmed the audition process and put a lot of care into the documentary. So after that whole process, we found somebody who we thought was great – Mike Mangini. ‘Oh my God, this guy is fantastic! This can work. We can do it.'”

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What was it like to audition for Dream Theater?

As you know, we’ve been closely following the saga surrounding the drum seat for Dream Theater, and we now know that Mike Mangini landed the spot, but he was one of seven guys to audition.  Just what was it like to audition for the prog powerhouse?  Swedish drummer, Peter Wildoer, recently spoke with Blabbermouth.net and shared some thoughts.

“My approach was very much to keep it true to what Mike did, because no matter what I would do, I knew that my personality and my style would probably shine through even though [I was] trying to do what Mike did originally. So my approach was very much to keep it to what it is and keep it like the fans know the songs and how they wanna hear them.”

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Dream Theater May Have Their New Drummer

If the rumors are to be believed, then Mr. World’s Fastest Hands himself (and former Steve Vai drummer), Mike Magini, is set to replace the recently vacated Mike Portnoy for the drum chair in Dream Theater.  Whaaaa??  We’ll keep on this story like blisters on metal drummers thumbs.

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Drummer Talk 03/04/2011 – Concert Percussion Tips (#156)

Drummer Talk 03/04/2011 – Concert Percussion Tips (#156)

We talk about tips for Concert percussion on today’s show.  In news, we discuss Chris Adler’s clinic takes, Ringoâ„¢’s upcoming UK tour, MD festival lineup, Is Dream Theater done?, Travis Barker news, and Zac Hansen has a baby girl!  Show Notes

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Drummer Talk 09/10/2010 – Maintaining Your Space (#147)

Today, we cover what you can do to keep your practice, gig, storage area ready for being the most productive. Huge news in the world of Dream Theater, the Ask DT mailbag covers 20/22″ rides, and of course, we talk a little football! Show Notes

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Mike Portnoy Interviewed for Rockband

Source: Rockband.com

If ever a band was tailor-made for Rock Band, it’s the progressive metal outfit Dream Theater. And if ever a Dream Theater song was made for us, it’s their current single “Constant Motion”-a full seven minutes’ worth of monster riffs and tricky changeups, representing this hyper-proficient band at its most aggressive.

Turns out that Dream Theater’s drummer Mike Portnoy (who wrote “Constant Motion”about his experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder) is a Rock Band player himself, and was looking forward to giving the song a runthrough. The genial Portnoy also talked to us about the band’s formation at Berklee, their evolution over the years, and the current status of Portnoy’s second band Transatlantic (a particular favorite of your interviewer’s). And since the cat’s out of the bag by now, we also talked a bit about the earlier DT classic “Panic Attack,”which will be hittng as an in-game track for Rock Band 2

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Multi-Part Interview with Mike Portnoy

Living Legends Music has posted a cool 8 part interview with Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy, on their YouTube channel.  The interviews discuss the beginnings of Dream Theater, to the creative process, to artistic fulfillment.

Here’s Part 1.  For more, check out their channel.


Drummer Talk 05/16/2008 – It’s All In Your Heads

We have a great show this week as we talk all about drum heads!  Also, the 15-stroke roll is the rudiment of the week, Mike has news, we talk about the state of the music industry, and Mike Portnoy is the Drummer of the Week!  Show Notes