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ModernDrummer.com gets a redesign

In an effort to bring their site to meet the demands of the modern Internet user, Modern Drummer has updated their website with new features.  According to an article from DrummerCafe.com

These recent developments represent an ongoing pledge to our readers and the drum industry,”explains Modern Drummer associate publisher Tracy Kearns. “Since Ron Spagnardi first began publishing Modern Drummer in 1977, we have been dedicated not just to covering the drumming community, but delivering this information in a variety of ways that serve the needs of players, students, teachers, dealers, manufacturers, and distributors. The digital age is here. Call it revolution or evolution, Modern Drummer continues to be on the leading edge.

Unfortunately there are a few blunders that MD is making.  The site redesign is simply terrible and looks woefully amateur.  Why would a company with one of the best designed magazines have such a sloppy, hacked together looking web presence?  It’s as if the art departments for the site and mag didn’t work together at all.  I feel that any company’s website should reflect the tone, attitude, and style of their physical counterpart, but the new MD.com is nowhere near the polish of the mag.  Read more