Drummer Talk 04/29/2010 – Snare Drum Literature (#142)

We continue our discussion on solo literature and talk about snare drum repertoire on today’s show. Jeff Queen is the drummer of the week and the news covers Marimba 2010, Sabian’s Most Warped Drummer Contest, and Rascal’s reunion.

First All-Female Drumline

Finally, some sisters get some drumline love!  Girl Scout Troupe 6087 in Allentown, PA have formed the nation’s first all-girl drumline and are getting ready to take on indoor competition.

Calling themselves the Percussion Patrol, the cookie-slingers get together every Sunday and sling grooves under the direction of Don Amig.  It’s about time they show those all-male corps that the gender gap swings both ways.

They are still accepting members, so if you’re a girl age 14-18 in the Allentown, PA area, call 610-349-7251 or e-mail percworx@ptd.net.

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NBA’s Bucks Unveil Drum Line

Quite an interesting story out of the great white north, AKA Milwaukee, Wisconsin, AKA where NBA teams go to lose 50 games a year. But at least the Milwaukee Bucks have some musical taste. I’ve heard of professional teams having bands and music at their games, but a full blown drum line? New to me.


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Phantom Regiment Wins DCI Title

Source: DCI.org

It was the closest of victories at the 2008 Drum Corps International World Championship Finals in Bloomington, Ind. By only 0.025 points, Phantom Regiment passed the Blue Devils to take the gold medal and their second Championship title. Phantom Regiment (98.125) moved forward one placement from Quarterfinals to Semifinals, and from Semifinals to Finals in their quest for the Championship trophy. The Blue Devils (2nd, 98.100) took the silver medal as they walked the yard-line tightropes of Memorial Stadium one final time, and the Cavaliers (3rd, 97.325) received the bronze after the thunder of their taiko drums faded into the cool and clear summer night.

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Drum Corps to Allow Electronics

Source: StarTribune.com

Starting in 2009, the activity’s governing organization, Drum Corps International (DCI), will allow not only electronic instruments such as keyboards to augment the marching performances, but it also will let more performers be amplified by microphones. Brass soloists and ensembles may be miked beginning next year, in addition to the vocalists (narrators and singers) and sideline percussionists who can already be amplified.

The changes have led to heated debates in online forums such as Drum Corps Planet among those who see the expansion of electronics as a necessary and inevitable change in modern drum corps and those who long for the tradition of “the glory days.”

I don’t know how I feel about this. On one hand, this will open the door to whole new possibilities in terms of texture and sound, but there’s just something artificial about it. So we won’t allow clarinets and flutes, but a Korg Triton is just fine??

I guess DCI went through the same kind of debate when they brought the mallet instruments and timpani onto the sidelines …


Drummer Talk 04/26/2006 – Drumline

Today we talk all about drumline and things you need to get started in drumline/corps style playing. Also, Paul Skidmore joins us in house and talks about being a drumline instructor. Show Notes