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Drummer Talk 200 – 200th Episode Special

Drummer Talk

Drummer Talk 200 – 200th Episode Special

We celebrate episode #200 today on Drummer Talk, the Internet’s longest running drumming podcast! It’s chock full of memorable clips, laughs, and reflections on the past 8 years! You’ll also hear from some old, familiar faces (voices) and get some behind-the-scenes trivia on how the show is put together.

Grab a cup of coffee and settle in with this massive, 3 hour milestone show!

Drummer Talk

Drummer Talk 172 – Changes and Relocation

We are settled into out new digs in Orlando, FL and we’re back to kick off Season 8 with Episode #172 of Drummer Talk.  Today’s topic is quite poignant – Changes and Relocation.  Show notes after the break!

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Drummer Talk has been talking since 2004!

Drummer Talk

Drummer Talk has been talking since 2004!

Did you know the Drummer Talk blog has been around since 2004?? With 800+ posts, articles, pics, reviews, videos, and podcasts there is bound to be something you’ll like! If you haven’t yet, take a stroll through the archives and poke around through some of these old articles.  Likewise, we’ll be re-posting some of our favorites from “the vault” as well!

Note: some of these article may hold pics from other sites that may or may not be broken. If you come across one, simply let us know and we’ll try to fix it up!


New Drummer Talk site!

Drummer Talk

New Drummer Talk site!

If you’ve been a follower of Drummer Talk for any length of time, then you’re probably noticing a change here at drummertalk.org.  With the launch of Season 8, we’re transitioning drummertalk.org to be a pinboard site with posts of cool vids and interesting Internet drum findings – and of course the DT podcast show notes!

So let us know what you think!  Also, are you interesting in joining the DT Pinboard team? Then shoot me an email (dave at drummertalk.org) and let us know!

Drummer Talk Returns for Season 5!

Hello everyone out there. I hope you’ve had a great Summer. Drummer Talk returns THIS WEEK to kick off season 5 of the Internet’s longest running drumming podcast. Tune in Thursday (Aug 6) morning at 8am Central to catch the live feed. This week’s topic: in-ear monitors. You don’t wanna miss it!

Drummer Talk to Begin Live Streaming!

We’ve been tooling around with the stream service, Ustream.TV and we think we’ve found a live streaming solution!  Beginning October 17th, we will be offering live feeds of the Drummer Talk Podcast recording session.  We typically begin recording around 2:30 (Central), so tune in and get in on the show!

You can join the show by heading to drummertalk.org/live.

Drummer Talk Season 4 Premier – Aug 8, 2008

Drummer Talk returns THIS Friday, August 8, to kick off Season 4.  We’ve got lots of cool things in store for the new season including some new features, more interviews, and more of the same crazy zaniness you’ve come to expect from Drummer Talk!

Tune in to the Internet’s longest running drumming podcast.  And tell a friend!

Drummer Talk Facebook Group!

Drummer Talk now has a Facebook group that you too can be a part of!  If you’re a Facebook user, login, then click on this link to join the group.  Be our friend!!  w00t!

Last call for Drummer Talk T’s!

What is up, what is up?!  We are FINALLY making the T-Shirt order on Wednesday, August 4, so if you want in on the awesomeness that is the 2008 T-Shirt, you’d better make your donation now!  In case you forgot, here is the final design …

You can get your very own, limited edition Drummer Talk T-Shirt by making a donation of $25 or more to help support what we do here.  You can find out more about supporting Drummer Talk by heading over to our Support DT page.

Thank you SO much for your support!