DVD review – Matt Ritter’s Unburying the Beater


Matt Ritter is just your average drummer. Outside of having his own dvd, the chances are that you’ve never heard of him… and probably never will. I’ve just got to say flat out that I don’t like his playing from a musical stand point… it’s flat and boring IMHO. He (thankfully) doesn’t play that much in the video, it’s pretty much all business once you get past the intro.

I think that Mr. Ritter is the George Lawrence Stone of foot technique. He’s basically compiled and organized what is the foot’s equivalent of the free-stroke. He calls his method “unburying the beater” though that can refer to any foot technique that doesn’t jam the beater into the head after a stroke. So I took the liberty of renaming it for him! I call it the Ritter stroke. Clever huh? Read more