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Drummer Talk 12/05/2008 – PASIC 2008 Recap (2 of 3)

Today, we recap PASIC 2008 day 2 with discussion of Ed Soph, Stanley Randolph, Brooks, Chad, and John Wackerman, Fausto Cuevas, Gavin Harrison, and Steve Ferrone.  GROOOOOOOOOVE!!!! Show Notes

Ed Soph Masterclass

9:51 Waiting for the clinic to start. Ed just came out and swapped his ride with a huge Connie. There are quite a few people in the ballroom.

10:01 No start yet. I think Ed left the room. The place is packed now.

10:03 Intro guy. Talking about some if Ed’s famous students.

10:04 Ed plus band take the stage. Ed does thank yous. It’s a piano, bass, drums trio. NT guys. Stephan Carlson (pno) and Fred Hamilton (bass). Clinic is going to be about improvising and accompanying in a jazz rhythm section. Will be using “All the Things You Are.”

10:08 Opening performance. Really out there and interactive. Go real laying down of time. Almost like a group improv. The kit sounds fantastic. The Connies are singing. Down section and sparse, pointillistic cymbal accents. Moments if straight ahead sections. Ed’s grip looks tight. He looks to be muscling every ride stroke. Delicate ending.

10:15 Ed: Now we’re going to start where it came from. Here’s the real book version. (Band plays super square version. Bass is particularly bad.) Cocktails anyone? (laughter). Read more