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Drummer Talk 04/15/2011 – New from Musikmesse (#160)

Drummer Talk 04/15/2011 – New from Musikmesse (#160)

On this week’s show, we talk about some cool new gear coming from Musikmesse 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany!  In the news, Jason Bitter clinic details, Foo Fighters’ new record breaks records, you can go to PASIC for free, and this just in: Chris Coleman clinic at Memphis Drum Shop to be streamed for FREE! Show notes after the break.

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Alesis Releases Drummer’s Amp

Yes, you read that headline right. Alesis has released an amp specifically designed for drummers with electronic kits. Supposedly you plug your electronic kit into the amp to hear yourself. The hook is that this amp apparently has an iPod dock built in to the frame. Another one of the alleged draws is that this will apparently afford the drummer less cables to use when playing to tracks… somehow. This just seems impractical to me. To me, the only real purpose for this is in personal practice settings. At that point, wouldn’t just plugging in your headphones to your iPod (or other sound source) be much easier? Who knows? Maybe it’s just me, but does this also seem gimmicky? Maybe I’m just a bit cynical these days.


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Roland Starts Shipping TD-4S V-Kit

As we’ve discussed at length on the show, electronic drums will never (say it with me) never replace acoustic drums in terms of feel and overall sound. That said, Roland’s new TD-4S V-Kit is really nice. I’m usually not a fan of rubber pads on electronic kits, but this one looks pretty good. Simpler, more streamlined stands, easier cable-wrangling. I’m sold. Check out the demo video Johnny Rabb (Friend of The Show) did at this past Winter NAMM in Anaheim. Roland’s started shipping these monsters. MSRP looks to be in $1,200 range.


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Drummer Talk Archives – Electronic Percussion

Happy Boxing Day! We’ll be back really soon, but in the meantime, please enjoy this show from October 27, 2005.


This week, we recap the 24hr Drumathon, discuss electronic percussion, and talk about using loops and samples with acoustic drums.  Show Notes

3 Heavy Weights Weigh in on GH4 with Drums!

Videos are now beginning to circulate from Guitar Hero’s website which feature Chad Smith, Stewart Copeland, and Travis Barker all weighing in on Guitar Hero’s new drums feature.


Chad Smith is stoked about the idea and loves the thing: “It’s a real as you can get. For a Video game, it’s impressive. If it holds up to me beating on it, it should be pretty good.”

It looks as if Travis Barker does some motion capture for the game. “One of the things I has actually said when I was asked to be involved with this was, ‘will it be an exact interpretation of what that drummer is playing? Can I close my eyes and play a song I wrote the drum part for and socre a perfect score if I’m playing it right?’ And it was, ‘yes.'”

Man .. at first I wasn’t at all into this idea, but now I can see myself getting excited for it. I am cautiously optimistic.

Thanks to Big Drum Thump.

Guitar Hero to get Drums

To compete with Rock Band, it looks like Activision is adding drums and vocals to its lineup with Guitar Hero: World Tour. Personally, I think this is a horrible idea! Why doesn’t GH stick to what they do best – GUITAR!

According to MTV.com:

“Guitar Hero: World Tour”adds drums and vocals to the mix. Previously, the “Guitar Hero”series had only centered on the instrument in its title. Feature for feature, it matches almost everything the “Rock Band”experience provides – and them some.

Activision’s peripherals are once again courtesy of Red Octane. “Guitar Hero”’s drums are slightly more complicated than “Rock Band”’s. There are only three drum pads, compared to “Rock Band”’s four, but with the addition of two cymbals. Both sets feature a kick pedal.

The most significant new addition, however, is the implementation of user generated content in the game’s “Music Studio”mode. Shareable online via a new service called GHTunes, the press release states Music Studio includes “a full compliment of tools to create digital music from scratch, utilizing all of the instruments.

Check out the recently released commercial …


Yamaha Overhauls Their Flagship DTXTREME Electronic Drums

Source: Harmony Central

… the new DTXTREME III kits promise to set the standard for sound and function. In addition to redesigned cymbals, a new kick tower, and an all-new module, the sets use the same technology that powers the supercharged Yamaha MOTIF XS synthesizer.

In addition to over 1,000 onboard drum, percussion and special effect voices, the module includes over 100 General MIDI voices. With the optional memory installed, 512 MB of sampling allows players to trigger a large library of custom sounds. Combine the stacking and layering capabilities of 100 voices with other advanced features, and the DTXTREME III is a complete workstation for drummers. Both DTXTREME III versions include 3-zone drum and cymbal pads, USB connectivity and an advanced internal sequencer.

Read more here …

Creepy Robot Drummer

To complete the trifecta of robotic percussion, here’s a video of an extremely creepy MIDI controlled robot drummer. After seeing this, I now have no fear of loosing my job to one of these machines.


DIY Electronic Drums

Have an afternoon free and are itching to build your own, homemade electronic drums? Thanks to instructables.com, you can scratch that itch with a tutorial on building your own electronic drums from scratch!

We’ve not actually done this tute yet, but if someone out there does it, please let us know!

The Little Yellow Different Robot Drummer

What??? Machine playing drums? That’s absurd and unheard of.   Machines will never replace recorded drummers!</1981>

All joking aside, it’s a cute little robot that goes around hitting things and records it to create a little beat.

Notice how the robot first plays on the object it finds, plays a small beat, and records the beat it plays on it. Then this recorded beat is played again, and it starts to play on the object (an belt tracks and everything else it has),and also playing this sampled beat 🙂

You can check out details and vids at letsmakerobots.com.

Alesis Merges Tradition And Innovation With Surge Electronic Cymbals

Source: Harmony-Central.com

Alesis introduces the revolutionary SURGE electronic cymbals, delivering the convenience of an e-percussion experience with the realism of acoustic cymbals. Crafted from genuine brass alloy and dampened by a clear, proprietary vinyl layer, the SURGE electronic Piezo-based electronic cymbal triggers offer a lighting fast, crystal clear response with a remarkably realistic feel.

If the play as good as they look, Alesis may be on to something. Read the full story …

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