Beanie on the challenge of electronics (Drum Expo 2014)

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Beanie on the challenge of electronics (Drum Expo 2014)

Our curation of Music Radar’s Drum Expo 2014 continues with an interesting interview with Rudimental’s drummer, Beanie, on the challenge of incorporating electronics into a an acoustic rig.

Was it tricky at first switching between acoustic and electronic kick pads with your feet?

“Yes at first, just because of the tension of the trigger and the skin on the acoustic bass drum. I was practising once and it really did my head in because it was literally just a quarter-note thing and I wound myself up so much because I couldn’t do it on the electronic one.

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Roland Starts Shipping TD-4S V-Kit

As we’ve discussed at length on the show, electronic drums will never (say it with me) never replace acoustic drums in terms of feel and overall sound. That said, Roland’s new TD-4S V-Kit is really nice. I’m usually not a fan of rubber pads on electronic kits, but this one looks pretty good. Simpler, more streamlined stands, easier cable-wrangling. I’m sold. Check out the demo video Johnny Rabb (Friend of The Show) did at this past Winter NAMM in Anaheim. Roland’s started shipping these monsters. MSRP looks to be in $1,200 range.


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